I have always enjoyed crafting and creating things with my hands, from gardening, to origami, to cooking. 

I started making beaded jewelry in 2009 for fun, and I tried different mediums out to see what I enjoyed working with. As I honed my skills, I gave my pieces away, then tried selling at cost just to continue funding my hobby. 
Now I attend one or two craft festivals a year, and crafting has become a major outlet for my creativity outside of my full-time job.
I will occasionally make things outside of the jewelry realm, so look out for special listings.

My creation process sometimes involves planned pieces, but most often I go with where my fingers take me!  Occasionally an idea pops into my head out of nowhere and I like to see if I can tangibly achieve what my imagination constructed - sometimes with unintended results, but they are fun to see either way!

Amassing nifty and interesting beads and findings are a given when creating jewelry, but I also enjoy collecting fascinating finds, whether they are part of a specific theme or randomly acquired while out and about. Some of my fondest memories are going to barn sales with family and finding the coolest things to bring home to put in our display cabinet.

I'm very excited to present my online store as the next step in my creative journey.

Thank you for visiting!